The Vera and John Online Casino Now Accepts Bitcoins

Family businesses can be a great success, but only when all the members involved in decision-making are in agreement on what to do. This was the case with Vera and John. They at first did not quite agree on whether to use bitcoins or not, but when they finally did, it was the best decision they ever made, one that changed their business for the better and is emulated by similar businesses.

The bitcons, comparable to a prepaid voucher, have a currency exchange rate just like other currencies. These rates change in real time. The site is legal and safe as they are controlled by the body that governs such companies. They also have a license number that means that exists legally. Moreover, they undergo frequent auditing to ensure that they are following all the rules laid down and that their customers are not being swindled in any way.

There are over two hundred games on the site for you to enjoy, all which can be paid for in bitcoins. They are all first class and are safe and user-friendly, that is why they attract so many players. In addition to that, they also have over one hundred employees who ensure the smooth running of all the activities there. However, the games are only available to those in Europe as other countries have strict laws that prohibit gambling. The currency used is euros only which is also another limitation.

The advantages of using bitcoins in the games cannot be overlooked. First and foremost, the transaction only involves the two people only that are playing. There is no one else outside the game that can come and set the rules on the payments. There are also no other charges that are asked for during the transaction. This means that the payment is very cheap and convenient too. It is also a way of being transparent with their customers too.

Once you have deposited the bitcoins in your gaming account, no one can withdraw not unless you give them your password. This means that the process is completely safe and secure. Finally, the transaction only takes a short time that saves time for other things. For these reasons, many similar companies such as Satoshi Slot have also joined in the use of bitcoins.